Talk about an Evolution

It’s just an observation of mine, maybe just a theory, but if I am correct, it amazes me how locked in people are to their beliefs. Or how uninterested they are in learning new things or hearing new perspectives.

Perhaps, beliefs is not the correct word, but from most appearances and from interactions I have had with people I have known for a long time, it doesn’t seem like a lot of people change their minds, once it’s been made up on most things.

Once they join a team, pick a party, or whatever they’re all in for life and just go with the program. It’s like it just an excuse not to think for themselves. Why would anyone give the keys to their human experience to another? It’s your life live it. Your thoughts create your world, don’t you want that control?

I find this fascinating in today’s world.

Centuries ago, the majority of people thought the earth was flat and the sun revolved around the earth. People saw no cause and effect between personal hygiene, sanitation and illness. For us, we find these beliefs laughable. Keep in mind if you proposed theories contrary to those above, when they were the “truth”; you were a heretic or a nut job.

Knowing how much has changed over the years and how many commonly accepted beliefs of the past have been proven wrong and new ideas are gradually accepted over time, why is it, even today, that anything contrary to generally accepted “facts” are greeted with the same skepticism? Wouldn’t you at the very least to expect that the modern human could allow some room for open mindedness? Or, over time, wouldn’t you expect that a personal transformation in your belief systems and philosophies would occur?

I know people who, whenever they formed their theories on everything, or bought into the system or whatever you want to call it in their twenties, did not change their outlooks, ideas, etc. for the next 30 years or more. More or less they’re the same person now, that they were then, and yet the world is a dramatically different place.

Is the draw of cultural programming, familial influence, the desire to fit in and intellectual laziness the root of this inertia? How could one go through life and not question generally accepted wisdom? How could one just accept the status quo or the narrative one is being fed and not, at the very least, ponder it?

I ask this because in many instances if you accidently drift into what turns into what could be an interesting and substantive conversation many people, when so engaged, give rote, age old canned responses, to many interesting and dynamic topics. It hits you in the face as if the person you are talking with has given little or no thought at all to the topic at hand. They speak in clichés. They speak in talking points. It’s like hearing an out of date textbook being read aloud.

I am not talking about politics. I am talking about just about everything, except in some cases you might stumble upon something they might actually be interested in. In which case, the person may be very well versed and up to date on the latest information. If you share the same interests, or are moderately interested, it makes for a great conversation.

I, myself, find life in general and the human condition, specifically, really interesting. I find it interesting to discuss the way things work; why we do the things we do as individuals and as a society. Why things are done the way they’re done. Is there a better way?

I don’t really fancy the concept of it is what it is, unless, of course, we are dealing with a situation we “wish” would just go away. In which case I do tell myself, “it is what it is, deal with it.”

Today more than ever, most of us, if we have access to the internet be it through a phone, a tablet or a computer and have access to more information than, obviously, ever before. Ask yourself a question and you can research it. If you’re going to do it right, it takes time. You have to consider the source and view multiple sources. You have to perhaps broaden your search or narrow it. The point is that there is a wealth of information to make you more informed on virtually everything.

In the face, of this information, how can some people be so cock sure and locked in on just about everything? More importantly, how can you just take the media’s, or someone else’s, word on something when you can form your own opinion or at least fact check theirs? Don’t you have a bullshit detector? I sure do.

There are very few absolute truths in this life and when faced with an undeniable truth, it is almost a religious experience because they truly are rare. The rest of the time, I am just dealing with beliefs, theories and opinions. Most importantly, I am sure that I don’t know infinitely more than I do know.

I have been blessed or cursed with a mind that doesn’t idle too often. It’s always thinking. One of the ways I harness and control the beast is that I don’t allow my mind to control me, I control my mind. I don’t give it free time to go down the dark allies of worry, would’ve, could’ve or should’ve and put it to work when its hyped up. I force myself to spend time in quiet contemplation and when I find something that needs more work, I often flesh it out by reading and doing research.

At work, my mind is occupied and a tool, not a distraction. But when I have down time, I have to put it to good use or it gets boisterous. I need to either being doing something physical, social or interesting.

I don’t do very well with most television programs. I should say, at least, most popular shows. I do enjoy social media and the back and forth of Facebook or poking people, but that is a time waster to some degree. I love reading a good book, fiction, non-fiction or spirituality of all sorts.

The whole point of this story is that because of how my mind works, I am curious. Because I know that I know nothing, I seek answers. As a result, I find myself evolving in my beliefs and world view continually and I would expect that to continue, as everything around me changes.

For the most part, I don’t see that in others. Perhaps, because I am not seeing the real them, but from what I can see a lot of people are pretty static. While I guess some can find comfort in consistency, I find that a bit naïve and more accurately, boring.

Who doesn’t want to evolve? I suspect it is lazy to NOT change your opinion in light of new information and new information surrounds us all.

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