Why Bernie?

Yes, I support Bernie Sanders. Let me explain to you why?

I have been a registered Republican for almost 30 years. I recently changed my party affiliation to Democrat, so I can vote in the Democratic primary. I have owned my business for 30 years.  I have a MBA in corporate finance.  I am pro free speech, for “real” free markets and I am pro gun.

First and foremost, I don’t want Hillary Clinton to be the next President of the United States.

She is unlikeable, vain, smug, disrespectful, ruthless, corrupt and disingenuous. She is not a leader, she is a manipulator. She is – – – – – beyond her means.  She is more beholding to big money, big banks, big corporations and special interests than any other candidate in the field, regardless of party affiliation.

She and her husband, President William J. Clinton, were both are academically brilliant and both came from modest means. According to Hillary, they were basically broke when they left the White House and according to recent accounts, their net worth is in excess of $300 million. How do two public servants go from being “broke” to being millionaires?  I know the Presidential pension is pretty sweet, but it’s not that sweet.

There are countless other factual reports of other Congress people and Senators who parlayed their six figure salaries into net worths of multi-millions of dollars? You don’t ask yourself, how is this possible?

That’s number one, money is power.  Power corrupts. Money corrupts.

Hillary is corrupt.

If she is elected President she will nominate President Obama to the Supreme Court which is a lifetime gig, not an eight year gig and if you think he’s been battling for the poor, the weak and the down trodden for the last eight years, you’re living in Disney World.  He’s an elite if there ever was one and his disdain for the American people is written all over the First Lady’s face.

Number two; money corrupts, part 2.

I believe we have a serious problem in our Government works. Money has totally destroyed our “Republic”. Your elected officials are now career politicians, or at least that is their ambition, and the election cycle for these people never ends. They are in constant need of campaign donations to keep in the public eye and lobbyists and big money interests are there to feed the machine.

But there is catch, when you take the money you no longer represent your constituents, you are beholding to the money. This inevitably influences our laws and without exception those who play the game benefit. You scratch my back, I will scratch yours.

Corporations constantly gage their financial performance by return on investment. They are not lobbying, donating to Super PACS, PACS and candidates out of their civic duty; it is an investment. They wouldn’t be doing it if it didn’t generate a return; period.  That is the way a business runs.

There are limitless accounts readily available via an intelligent Google search that will demonstrate the effectiveness of corporate spending in generating favorable legislation, subsidies and trade agreements that generate returns well in excess of what one would expect in a truly free market place.

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate addressing this issue. This issue is the number one reason some former and current Republicans are throwing their support behind Bernie (along with me).

Yes, you can look through his platform and see his position on certain issues may not jive with your particular position but we are electing a President, not a king. He can propose ideas, but not force legislation onto the agenda. Yes, has veto power, but if his thinking is so far out of the mainstream a veto can and will be overridden. For him to accomplish anything he has to work with the House of Representatives and Senate. Nothing radical pertaining to gun control, abortion and other issues so important to single issue voters will change without consensus.

What I do believe will change is the recognition of those in power that they are being served notice that the American public will no longer tolerate business as usual. I believe Citizen’s United will be overturned. I believe we may see public financing of elections. I believe eventually we will see term limits imposed for elected Federal Government officials. Most importantly, because of overwhelming public support in terms of votes, we will see elected representatives actually representing their constituencies.

I want Bernie to be the Democratic nominee. I want the Republicans to put their best candidate forward and for the two to engage in an election process about ideas and not rhetoric.

Thus far, I am not impressed by any single Republican. I supported Rand Paul, but sadly America is not ready for a Libertarian leaning candidate. They can’t intellectually grasp the concept because the entire concept of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights has been shredded by both parties over the last 60 years.

I actually don’t think Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders are too far apart on what is the root of what ills this country and both have the best interests of the people in mind rather than the current power structure. How they accomplish their end is where they diverge.

Most people haven’t even read the tenants of Bernie Sanders’ platform and when they actually have and are polled about it, most people overwhelmingly agree with his concepts on what needs to change in this country (Google that too).

Too many people buy into the characterizations of him as a Socialist, which is akin to a communist and this is inaccurate. He is a Social Democrat. Educate yourself as to what exactly that means and understand that his version is the American version, not the European; although many of our NATO allies have Social Democrat parties. Don’t be fooled by a label applied by others, think for yourself.

What humors me the most at this point in the election cycle is I find more conservatives are rabidly anti-Bernie than Hillary supporters. I am starting to think, perhaps, that they’ve woken up to the what the polls are already indicating; Bernie Sanders has a better chance to win the White House head to head against any current Republican contender than Hillary. A smart Republican would be smearing him now, as they are, so as to prevent him from getting the nomination. Hillary does not fare as well against her Republican competition.

I don’t want to be a team player anymore.  Neither team represents me or the best interests of the country.  They are not really all that different if you actually look at what gets done versus what supposedly are their differences.  Their differences are there so that nothing important gets done.  Funny how when something does gets done it screws the people and both parties support it (look at the TPP with bi-partisan support which once again sells the American worker up the river).

I think the country is in need of an overhaul. If you are my age, 52, can’t you see, if you actually take the time to evaluate, that is this country is trending downward? Can’t you see slowly, but surely the game is being rigged to favor the financially and political elites? Can’t you see the split where our country is being divided into the haves and the have nots? Can’t you see where the game is separate, divide and create false conflict?  Aren’t you concerned that people consider themselves to be successful if they’re getting screwed over less than the next guy? Don’t you care about children being into poverty and no win situations?

So I want a change. At this time, in my self interest, I am behind Bernie Sanders. After the nominations, I will reevaluate and make another decision going forward.

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