Bleeding Heart Human

I talk to some friends and they say just work on yourself, make yourself the best person you can be and this will, in a small yet significant way, improve the world we live in. Ok fine, I am trying.

However the impatient part of me keeps looking around and wonders why things are not improving for all of humanity. Pestilence, disease, poverty, and the lack of the basic necessities of life are sadly all too common in the lives of many Americans, let alone the world.

Few people seem to notice or care. Many people tend to ignore the circumstances that gave them a leg up in the world and tend to blame everyone’s, who are less fortunate, situation to laziness or bad decisions.

Ok, fine. What about the children? Not my circus, not my monkeys?

Maybe I am just at point in my life where I realize how truly blessed, or lucky, I have been. Why is it that the vast majority of people I know who are similarly blessed don’t feel the same? They feel that despite whatever obvious material success they’ve had, they still feel short changed and as such don’t recognize the millions of people who are genuinely suffering around the world or down the block.

As long as others appear to have more than some people, those people never seem satisfied. Perhaps if they would quit looking up in jealousy and look down in compassion they might see what is going on in their own backyards. Maybe then they could see how truly divine their own lives actually are.

How much is enough? How many problems do people have that are creations of their own imaginations or from the messages of mass marketing? Perhaps we are being fed a diet of insecurity and fear to promote this every man for themselves mentality which is so prevalent today.

How much of the inherent unhappiness, incessant desires and feelings of being unfulfilled are a result of cultural stereotypes and programming?

How are empathy and compassion now so easily dismissed or seen as signs of weakness in today’s world?

Regardless of whether you’re an evolutionist or creationist, common sense and intelligence will lead you to understand that the people of the world, regardless of the mutations that have occurred over time, all come from the same source. We are one. We are all one family. We have a shared home; planet Earth.

What kind of breakthrough is necessary to understand that if we maintain the course we are on the future is bleak for everyone? No one will be exempt for the environmental and societal breakdowns that potentially are poised to take place unless some monumental changes take place in the hearts and minds of most people.

What kind of world do we want to leave for future generations while we are busy out there getting ours and forgetting about the consequences? There is no free lunch; eventually the bill will be paid.

Maybe I am just getting old and countless previous generations of older people have lamented the same concepts, but the world I live in is not the world I grew up in. Or perhaps it is, but with the evolution of communications it is more easily discernible and obvious. Regardless of whether society is crumbling or has always been broken, once it’s seen for what it is, shouldn’t we do something about it?

Maintaining the status quo is not doing anything, it is burying your head in the sand in the face of a cold reality.

I just hope that by working on myself, that I can make a difference in the world. But in my mind, it is going to take a lot more than me to make the world what it should and can be.

When are you going to take a hard look at the world we live in?

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