Where did this whole unpolished thing come from?

I am a member of a Facebook group, if I haven’t been kicked out, called Ligonier and the people who love it there.  It is a fantastic group.  It is dedicated to the wonderfulness, the storybook depiction (that is based on reality) of Ligonier, that exists in all our minds (assuming you are familiar with the Ligonier Valley).

As I had been following that group, I came to understand that the administrators of that group had a policy that forbade advertising.  People would ask a question about where you could get something or where to eat and others would respond with recommendations.  Local businesses would chime in and eventually the original post would be deleted.  There was just a line you couldn’t cross and I get it.

After watching the situation repeat itself over and over numerous times, I found myself feeling sorry for the people running the group.  This battle was never ending; it was turning into a full time job for them.

So, on a lark, I, in kind of a trolling way, I decided to start my own group and give the people what they wanted.  A local group that would allow advertising by merchants, restaurants, service providers, etc. based within the Ligonier Valley School District.

I wanted to make it Ligonier centric and also highlight the fact, that in addition to people who love Ligonier, there are real people, with real lives, who make it their home.  People with real lives, real problems and challenges, not just rainbows and unicorns.  Just because Ligonier is a storybook town, doesn’t mean we all lead storybook lives.  So I picked the name, Ligonier (Unpolished) and the people who live there. Unpolished meant real.

When I picked the name, unpolished had a certain meaning in my mind appropriate to my intention for the group.  But, over time, I came to understand that the word, unpolished, meant different things to different people.  It was kind of open ended.  Even for me, on different days it means different things.

I think part of the reason the group went from zero to nearly 2500 members in two months or so was because of the word itself, unpolished.

Right now, where I am in my life, unpolished means genuine.  It means who I am and who we really are.  Or, more accurately, our true selves.  Not the characters we play in life, but the soul underneath the meat suits we all wear for a short while.

We are all born to this earth as raw, unprocessed (unpolished) potential. Over time our parents, our teachers, our friends, our culture and society all rub off on us. News papers, TV, radio, the internet all bombarding us with what we should believe or think. All these external sources rubbing on us, smoothing and sanding away our, so called, rough edges, but I say our uniqueness or our true selves.

For me, this blog site is just an extension of my search to find out who I am, what I really believe.  It’s an exercise in free thinking, the good opinion of others be damned.

I think, over and above, just making it through life, part of our calling, during our brief time here, is to find our spirit, our soul,our calling  or our purpose.  To create a shared experience with our fellow humans humans who are all on the same journey. When you wake up to the fact that we are all connected, come from the same source and all will return there someday; it makes you a little more tolerant, less judgemental and more compassionate.  We are in this together.

Some of us may be a bit ahead of others; old souls.  I certainly don’t believe myself to be ahead of anyone.  I am a baby; blessed or cursed with above average intelligence and a highly sensitive personality.  New agers would call me an Empath.

The biggest thing I have come to understand is I really don’t know very much at all. I want to learn; let’s learn together.

So my goal is to get unpolished.  Restore my state to the original innocence and clarity of thought before everyone and everything started rubbing on me.

Unpolished?  I just fell into it actually.

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