New Beginnings

I can’t remember exactly when Misty,my guru/wife, turned me on to FaceBook.  At the time, I didn’t get it.  I thought it was basically glorified chat, as in back in the early days of AOL.

Over time I, obviously, warmed to the idea after some early usage and I came to find that it could be a valuable tool to gain information about your interests, make new friends, keep up with old ones, etc.  It can be as deep or as trivial as you desire.

How many times have you met a FaceBook friend out in public and there instantly is this connection?  “Hey, I know you……….”

Just as important, it gives you a platform to express your world view and ideas to other people and, hopefully, an exchange takes place.  Maybe you can change someone’s thinking, introduce a new concept or just make someone smile.  I know it has happened to me.  Beyond the mainstream media, beyond the internet at large, you can find some great stuff on FaceBook if you’re discerning.  Beyond the funny and informative, you can actually find the profound.

The problem, I found over time, was that your friends and/or your groups are fragile relationships,  bound by some inexplicable, unspoken, theme of what is and what is not “accepted”.  You can’t get too heavy, too profound, too political, too outside the norm, or they unfollow you or unfriend you. Kind of like real life.

I suppose I could continue on my merry way springing random, unforeseen,  thoughts on people but I came to realize, that there is this invisible wall and eventually, you’re just banging your head against it.  So now my intention is to be less enthusiastic? Less sure or off putting? More reserved?  I don’t know, but I am trying.

Even with Ligonier (unpolished) there is an invisible boundary or unspoken agreement  that holds the group together and if you test the boundaries you risk alienation or, in my case, destroying your creation.  It is a great group of great people and it serves it’s stated mission beautifully.  But go beyond the agreed upon rules of membership, and I don’t mean keep it clean, don’t be mean and keep it LVSD relevant, but the unwritten/unspoken rules and people tune you out or label you as a freak.

I don’t mind being labeled a freak, I proudly fly the freak flag, but if you’re not changing hearts and minds or connecting with people, you’re just talking to yourself and stroking your ego.  That is not who I want to be, I want to be a difference maker; large or small.

So I have had this blog idea, this page, in the back of my mind for a few weeks, maybe longer and I think………..maybe, I will do it. What is my motivation? I like to write.  I actually do my best thinking, with my fingers on a keyboard.  It’s therapy.  It’s also kind of spiritual, in what comes to me as a riff.  Kind of like, how did Bob Dylan right all those beautiful songs?  It came to him through the ether.

Oh, I can talk just fine, but talking is different.  I just want to explore concepts, flesh out ideas, discuss things and try to figure it all out.  Are we supposed to try and figure it out?  I think so.  I don’t think God, Spirit or the Universe would have given humans the gift of introspection and critical thought, if it wasn’t to be used.

So that brings me, and I guess you, to here.  Just me and you, lol.

I had asked a friend with much, much more web design experience than me (I have none) to help me and I was going to pay, but they’re apparently not interested, too busy or scared of freakiness by association.  So for now, the look of the page is what it is.  As I figure out what I am doing, I will improve it.  I own the domain, which is cool. But I think the most important thing to bring to the table is my intent and my ideas.

Eventually, hopefully soon, I will be inviting and allowing submissions by others.  I will be adding new features and if it doesn’t blow up, maybe down the road we will have a companion podcast (audio files with actual discussions or interviews with interesting people).  Bare with me; if you’re going to dream or create intention, go big.

So, here we go! Welcome.


PS: I don’t have the slightest clue as to how to turn on comments, so if you feel the need, you can email me at

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